More About Me

As an open-minded person, I like to work on any kind of game.
The more there is to learn, the better !

As a Game Designer with programming skills, I validate my ideas by prototyping them, which saves time on projets.

As a very curious and patient listener, I learn from the team I'm working with (and not only in game design). Thanks to this habit, I developed a natural problem solving skill.

I'm ready to bring my sense of humor, my creativity and my help to the teams I'll work with !

My hobbies

I like to do many things, try new experiences and learn from people I meet everyday. My main hobbies are playing games, photography, ultralight aircraft piloting, juggling and electronics.

I am an avid photographer, I'm more into night photos but I really like all kind of creative photos. Checkout my photo portfolio or my flickr account!

I enjoy juggling to clear my minds and entertain people. Maybe you'll have the chance to see me fire juggling !

I am also an avid series and film watcher, I read and I try to keep my body and my minds in shape !

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