Platform : PC Genre : Scientific Engine Used : Unity Personnal project

This project can be played directly on this page !

Platform : Pc / Linux / Max / Web  |  Genre : Extension of scientific experiment |  Engine Used : Unity

Project Duration : 1 week (personal project)

Role : Did everything

What is “Ant ?”

Ant is a program based on Langton’s ant, a simple algorithm that works like that : An ant is placed on a grid with tiles, all those tiles have the same color at start. The ant has a simple behavior : on a black tile, it turns left and change the tile’s color to white, on a white tile it turns right and change the tile color to black. After a number of tile (about 10 000), the ant enters a specific series of movement that put the ant on a trajectory and the ant will forever follow that direction. I then decided to create my program with some more features because I liked the idea that there is actually no explanation for this behavior. So, you can program your ant the way you like and have fun !

Test the program now (in a new tab)

Ant Web(for your website) (314 downloads)
Ant Windows (318 downloads)
AntMac (298 downloads)
Ant Linux (309 downloads)

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