Blind Blades

Platform : Pc  |  Game Genre : Top-down versus fighting |  Engine Used : Unity

Project Duration : 48 hours for the Global Game Jam

Role : Game Designer, Sound Designer, Programmer, Source control manager

Tools Used : Visual Studio, Sourcetree, FL studio.

My tasks on the project :

On this project, I was in charge of the versioning, the sound design but I also worked on game design and programming.

SourceTree was the software I trained the team to use during this project. For the sound design, I used FL Studio, and I composed the music in the spirit of Asian calm musics. I mainly programmed the sound implementation with a system to alternate between sound played, and I also helped the other programmers when they had a problem.

Gameplay video :

Brief overview of the project :

“Blind Blades” is a top-down couch game* in which two to four players incarnate ninjas and compete in a deadly fight. Nobody sees the avatars but only the waves they create by moving, attacking or throwing a decoy. You will be forced to use all of your cunning to defeat your opponents and become the best ninja! The first player to reach 10 kills win the game. *Games with reasonably strong and enjoyable local multiplayer content (Co-operative and Competitive).

About the production :

This game was created for a school project by 5 students. I was Game designer, sound designer and I did a bit of programming. We had to create a game for ourselves without pipeline and game design document, so we worked by iterations of mechanics we created one after another. We focused on the experience, on the feedbacks, and now we are proud to present Unbound Atlas.

Download Links

Global Game Jam 2017 Blind Blades

Blind Blades (325 downloads)

Installation Instructions

Unzip the folder “BlindBlades” in “”
Open it and run the file “BlindBlades.exe”

/!\ Xbox Controllers & 2 players minimum necessary to play.

In Game Controls:


Left Stick: Move your character
Right Stick: Rotate your character
X (hold): Sneak (you make no waves when you move)


RB: Attack
LB: Throw a decoy (hold down then release the button to throw the decoy further)

Rules: You have to kill 10 opponents to win the game!

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