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Platform : Mobile / Tablet  |  Game genre : Game for change  |  Engine Used : Unity

Project Duration : 2 weeks  |  Company involved : Gameloft

Tools Used : Microsoft Excel, Visual Studio

Role : Game Designer

My tasks on the project :

I was game designer on this project.

As a full time game designer, I designed the core gameplay systems of the non player character : I coded a tool in microsoft Excel (available at the end of this page) to tweak the game for a special use (like a showcase). This tool helped us to tweak the game to have a precise game session range. I also worked on documentation like behavior documents dans general game design document, available on this page.

Gameplay video :

Brief overview of the project :

What is it like to take care of a sick person ? Helping her, being here for her, cuddle her ? Discover it by playing Care. You will have to make the life of a sick friend more comfortable.

About the projet :

Care is a game made during a double intensive week for my studies at Supinfogame RUBIKA. I worked as a game designer on this game; more precisely on the main system (that creates the needs of the sick one and reward you with smile and other things!).

Design Documents (In French except the GDD)

Behavior documents for programmers :
Care Behavior malade (342 downloads)   Care Behavior Interaction (349 downloads)
Basic system blueprint :
Care Blueprint jauges (344 downloads)
My tool (only used by me) to balance the game, basically a core gameplay coded in excel :
Care Tweaking Excel (315 downloads)

Download the game

Care (334 downloads)

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