Eat and Run


More images coming soon 🙂

Platform : Board Game  |  Game genre : TacticalSurvival

Engine Used : Pen and paper !  |  Project Duration : 1 scholar year

Tools Used : Google Teamwork tools, Illustrator , Photoshop

Role : Game Designer and level designer.

My tasks on the project :

On this project, I was lead game designer

As the lead game designer, I produced most of the design documents, I also worked on the level design and judged / proposed ideas all along the production

Brief overview of the project :

Eat and run is a tactical survival board game created by four students at Supinfogame RUBIKA. Each player must try to survive in a post-apocalyptic world, eating their rations to stay in the game until the end, when only one player will remain.

About the projet :

Eat and Run is the first project we realized during our first year at Supinfogame. A team of four students learn the basics of Game Design and Game Art by making a board game.

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