Hero of the rising sun


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Platform : Pc  |  Game Genre : planning game |  Engine Used : Unity

Project Duration : 2 Weeks  |  Company involved : Gameloft

Role : Programmer.

Tools Used : Visual Studio, Google teamwork tools, Sourcetree.

My tasks on the project :

I was programmer on this project.

I mainly worked on short gameplay scripts : I programmed the two cameras (in planning and cinematic views), the explosive barils system, the implementation of effects like muzzle flash and sounds. As these systems all changed multiple times during the project, I had to re-write some, has they were evolving and not fully compatible with old versions.

Gameplay video :

Brief overview of the project :

Hero of the rising sun is a tactical / planning game in which you have to plan your actions ( moving, shooting, do a roll …). Then, your actions are performed in a 3d world with animations and sound (to reproduce the feeling of planning an attack and seeing the attack performed).

About the projet :

This game was created during a double intensive week with Gameloft. I was a programmer in a team of six. I helped the main programmers with fast iterations of small parts of code. I worked on the cameras’ scripts and on most of the gameplay’s scripts.

Here of the rising sun (365 downloads)
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