Lone Vaulter

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Platform : Android  |  Game Genre : Sport game |  Engine Used : Unity

Project Duration : 2 Weeks  |  Company involved : OhBiBi

Role : I was project manager and game designer, but I also became the lead programmer as my team needed it.

Tools Used : Visual Studio, Visual Studio source control (TFS), Google teamwork tools.

Last update :

The project have been downloaded more than 800 000 times without any advertisement

The game still suffers from bugs but continues to be downloaded. As we never made advertisement for the game, I think that the simplicity of the game and the unwanted slow paced gameplay is one of the causes. We have around 10 000 daily active users, it appears that even if a lot of people uninstall the game because of the bugs and rare crashes, a lot of people still play and love the game. Here again, it seems that the combination of a very simple mechanic, clear animations and slow rythm did a good job, even if the final game is not polished in any way.


The final project is not the result we expected and I tried to see what led to this result.

Reminder : I was the project manager on this project.
At first, the project manager role has not been fully filled because the project manager had to take the lead programmer job. The project manager took this role too late and wasn’t able to catch up even if he worked really hard (average working time of 16 hours a day during 2 weeks without a weekend break). The graphic team was very slow to produce too, mainly because of a lack of motivation. The project manager was too busy programming, and then was not able to really motivate the team. As the programming suffered from lateness, the game designers were not able to tweak the prototype, which created lateness in this sector too.
We all agree that the programmer dedicated to this project had no solid basis in programming and the fact that the project manager discovered it a bit late could have led to a more disappointing result. The fact that the project manager was a full time lead programmer prevented him to lead the entire team the way it should have been led. Other problems such as source control problems, lack of communication added lateness to the overall project preventing us to reach a better project scope.
As the project manager, what would I do now if I had to do the same project with the same team ?
I would let someone take the project manager role while I would take the programming lead (as no one in the team was able to do so). I also would only give source control to people that know how to use it.

My tasks on the project :

As the project manager, I managed the team by creating a planning and by having an overview of the project. I did a risk prediction work and I solve those problems before they occurred. I used my versatility and problem solving skills to solve multiple problems (Creating a shader because we needed a feedback quickly, took the programming lead, coded Inverse Kinematics …).
As a lead programmer, I tried to clean the code previously programmed (to make debugging easier). I programmed most of core feature like the jump phase (I coded animations, the jump system, the pole physic and I synchronized everything). I also coded the level spawn system, fully editable by the game designers.
As a game designer, I mainly gave my opinion on design ideas and I also had to take decisions for the team.

Brief overview of the project :

Lone vaulter is a pole jumping game. You have to jump over the totems to earn points. To do so in this one input game, you have to plant the pole and release it at the right time.

About the production :

This game was created during a double intensive week with OhBiBi. The team was randomly selected between students of the school, we then had no idea of people real skills before the production. We did the production the first week, with a PlayStore submit. The second week was dedicated to improvement and media coverage.

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