Running Lydt

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Platform : Pc  |  Game Genre : Runner |  Engine Used : Unity

Project Duration : 1 Week  |  Company involved : Enigami

Role : Game Designer | Manager of programmers

Tools Used : Microsoft office, Visual Studio.

My tasks on the project :

On this project, I was in charge of the game design, the training of two programmers on Unity3d, but I also helped other domains. My main task after the game design was fixed was to be the problem solver of the team.

For the game design part, I did a part of the documentation, judged and proposed ideas. I then took the role of a problem solver : I spoke with every team member, one by one, helping them by doing non-priority task for them or by searching or teaching new easier or faster methods.

Gameplay video

Brief overview of the project :

Running Lydt is a runner with two phases :  one with a 3d side view camera and one with a 3/4 top view camera. In the first mode, the player can only dodge obstacles. In the second mode, the player can shoot projectiles too.

About the projet :

This game was created during an intensive week with Enigami. I was game designer on the project and programmed some parts of the project as I tutored two programmers in Unity3d. I acted like a problem solver for every domains, mainly by listening to the persons’ problems and solving them while they were working.