Sick Wave (Tower defense prototype)


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Plateform : PC   |   Game genre : Puzzle game   |   Engine Used : Unity

Role : Game Designer / Lead Programmer

My tasks on the project :

I was lead programmer an game designer on this project

For the programming part, as I had the greater experience in programming in the team, I introduced my team to programming while helping them designing what they wanted. For the game design part, I mainly proposed ideas. As we had no formal documentation to do, we all worked on back-end documentation.

About the project :

Sick Weave is a reversed tower defense created for a Game design course by four students. We had to create a tower defense prototype with interesting and original features, so we created a reversed tower defense : The game takes place in a hospital and you have to heal your patient before they leave your hospital, or worse, die.

About the prototype :

Sick weave reverse most of common mechanics of a tower defense. We added funny features (which needed clear feedbacks to be understood) to create interesting situations. The prototype is fully playable, but only available in french.

Sick Wave (251 downloads)

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