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Platform : Pc / Tablet / Mobile  |  Game genre : Simulation

Engine used : Unity  |  Project Duration : 1 Week

Role : Co-Project Manager , Game & Level Designer, Programmer.

Tools Used : Visual Studio, Google teamwork tools.

My tasks on the project :

On this project, I was co-Project Manager of the French team : as we had two teams (One based in India and one based in France). I also programmed and took part in the game design.

As a project Manager, I drove the project and I took care of the documentation we had to write everyday for the synchronization of the two teams. I mainly used my problem solving skill during this project as little problems (mostly implementation problems) occurred. I programmed part of the core gameplay like the third rule detectors. I also created a tool to design levels which lead us to design plenty of them. For the game design part, as me mostly produced the game while the other team was creating the documentation, we only proposed and design the game orally with videoconference

Brief overview of the project :

Tasveer (which means Photograph) is a game in which you are a tourist photographer. In the game, there is a mission mode that asks you to take pictures of precise things,  and a free mode to train. The game takes place in Rajasthan, a region of India.

About the projet :

This game was created during an intensive week. We were two teams, Indian and French, and worked together. I was the Project Manager for the French team, I designed some features too and programmed the system that defines the quality of the picture.

Management and Design documents

More documents :

Tasveer Art Design Document (341 downloads)
Tasveer Level Design Document (339 downloads)
Tasveer Level Research Document (333 downloads)
Tasveer_TeamOrganization.pdf (355 downloads)

Download the game :

Tasveer (303 downloads)

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