Unbound Atlas


Platform : Pc  |  Game Genre : Sandbox |  Engine Used : Unity

Project Duration : 4 months

Role : Game Designer, Sound Designer and bit of programming

Tools Used : Visual Studio, Google teamwork tools, Sourcetree.

My tasks on the project :

On this project, I was in charge of the game design, the sound design but I also worked on programming.

For the game design part, I mostly gave ideas approved or rejected by the team, I also helped to design feedback by performing playtests and gathering datas. For the sound design part, I created a system in the game, according to the game design, to compose music in the game. I modified the sound of a grand piano to be in the spirit of the game. I then programmed this system, I also helped on the programming of some feedback.

Brief overview of the project :

Unbound Atlas is a relaxing toy, anti-stress, gif-machine and screen saver made for anyone to enjoy and express their own creativity.

Through experimentation, you might discover how to interact with this world and manipulate it, in order to – maybe – create your own unique pieces of light and sound.

About the production :

This game was created for a school project by 5 students. I was Game designer, sound designer and I did a bit of programming. We had to create a game for ourselves without pipeline and game design document, so we worked by iterations of mechanics we created one after another. We focused on the experience, on the feedbacks, and now we are proud to present Unbound Atlas.

Unbound Atlas (443 downloads)
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