The Photographer

I’m a 22-year-old self-taught photographe. I’m currently unofficially teaching my vision of photography to the photo group I created in my school. I also exposed my work two times and I’m working do to it again !

Please do not hesitate to contact me if my work interest you, if you want to work with me, ask a question about a photo or want to buy one !

My vision of Photography : I take photos for me.

I see Photography as a way to express myself. Photos can deliver strong messages and as i'm not an expressive person this is a perfect combo. I want to show you how i see the world, how i understand it. Of course i keep a secret part to make you dream !

As a nonconformist, i like to explore and find new things, to stand out of the crowd. Bringing original and interesting images really matters to me.

I like to take photos spontaneously as much as i like to plan them. Some of my photos were planned months before, some were taken in a heartbeat after the idea came to my mind.

There's so much to say about my passion for Photography, and trust me, i love to speak about it, but i love even more to show it through my photos.

My subjects :

I can't list my subjects, I really like everything. I can always find something interesting, i just have to find the right angle, the right aperture, the right lens...

So please, take the time to explore my world, and if you like it, support me by following me on social networks, it really matters for me :)

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